What kind of car is that?

I think its a Honda Civi

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10 Responses to What kind of car is that?

  1. DavidDezzNuts says:

    DANG shit is horrible

  2. carbon says:


  3. Steve Totopolos says:

    Its all about the race seats!

    • Bruce Leeroy says:

      i agree

    • Betty says:

      Hi Jackie,Great post. It’s so easy for us to back out of change and movement rather than risk failure. The crazy thing is we have higher regard for those who have a go and fail than those who never try. So what have we got to lose? Go kick ithiseer!,CaylCeCaylie Price recently posted..

    • Wow, Shelli. It has been a long road for you! I'm glad you are where you want to be and chose the agent that is right for you. What a great story to read to remind me to keep at it.~ Wendy

    • south pacific vhs bit.this was very touching, and i’m so glad you and your dad are finding ways to better understand each other as you both grow older.

  4. LFA Troll says:

    Yes officer, it was a black civic with 4 foot civic decals on the side, you can’t miss it!

  5. EricShawn says:

    The mismatched wheels are awesome!

  6. Bruce Leeroy says:

    i thought it was an Accord

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