lost & forgotten Ben-Dera Ford concept

June of 1998, “Car and Driver” actually featured this vehicle and it’s owner / builder.  His name is John Bender and he built this vehicle because well….. he wanted to.  In fact, he built a couple of them!  I would go into details, but honestly, this article sums it up way better than we ever could.

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  1. James Watters says:

    I live in Columbus Ohio! I wish I could see this car up close, but I think he died a while ago. Sadly I do remember seeing an ad for his car in the dispatch a long time ago. We need more people like him.

    • Mark Bender says:

      James, He is alive and well. He is the twin brother to my father. They are 88 years old. I had heard that the car may have been cut up and scrapped but I am not sure. I actually worked for him finishing the second one he built. That was in 1989-1990. He was quite eccentric. But he had a vision and made it happen, no matter how it turned out that part is pretty cool.

      • Kelly Dimick says:

        Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear he is alive and well. I love his dedication to building his dream.

  2. Frankly, this is the oddest Ford I’ve ever seen… was it ever produced?

    Obviously, it shows some retrofuturism reminiscences… what influenced it?

    Recall a still oddest yet still oddest one: the Ford Atom… have you ever seen it?

    Dear friendes, I hope to get more entries to the Ben-Dera and othe Fords… thank you.


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