The Brothers Jim (Ernesto Che and Nicolas Jimenez) set out to build a place on this interwebz that could highlight the car gods wonderful sense of humor. Che has always been fond of the creativity set fourth by the car owners themselves, while Nicolas remains permanently shell shocked…

This is simply a humorous look at artistic individuality and the perpetuating extension of personalities showcased throughout these cars. Critiquing these machines would be likeĀ picking on the handicapped…… x o x o

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5 Responses to About

  1. Sandra says:

    these cars are hella creative! i love it

  2. phase out says:

    im guilty! i check this site each morning erryday

  3. Weedman says:

    You guys look ruthless

  4. Bigbong says:

    Very nice!! good blog

  5. carguy says:

    Rice Rice Baby

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